MT002 album cover

Andrew Weatherall


Released in May 1993 as an official Sabres Of Paradise mixtape, this has been copied and re-copied, sold and uploaded under so many different names that it’s achieved semi-mythical status. It perfectly captures the beginning of Weatherall’s lifelong love affair with techno, and also the exact point just before techno and trance completely separated from one another. It spans Detroit (Blake Baxter), Rotterdam (Speedy J), Edinburgh (Twitch & Brianstorm’s remix of Ege Bam Yasi’s “Variation”) and beyond. In tracks like Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia’s “Exit 23” and Evolution’s “The Experience of Taking a Step Into Someone’s Dream”) it contains some of the most LSD-drenched sound of its era, and Weatherall’s blends are uncannily perfect, challenging even someone who knows the records well to find where one ends and the next begins.

Joe Muggs

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