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A weird cultural outlier at a time of weird cultural outliers, Clark-Hutchinson’s first album is an underacknowledged pleasure, and an album that fully deserved to be disinterred from history. Both members of the group (Andy Clark and Mick Hutchinson) had been playing with Sam Gopal’s Dream, later known as just Sam Gopal, the group that gave the world Lemmy from Motorhead, but branched out on their own here. There’s plenty to enjoy about A=MH2 – mantric grooves that skirt the edges of fusion, but are much closer to loved-up, raga-infused psychedelia; the glinting solo guitar meanderings of “Acapulco Gold”; crawling, low-slung acid blues motifs. In its fluidity and poetry it transcends being a period piece: indeed, it’s one of the better hidden gems of its times.

Jon Dale

Live in the First Year of Heisei, Vol. 2 cover

Live in the First Year of Heisei, Vol. 2

Keiji Haino, Motoharu Yoshizawa, Mikami Kan
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Mourning Phase

Mourning Phase
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The Sound Pool

Musica Elettronica Viva
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Asylum Road

The Perfect Disaster
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