Alles Wieder Offen album cover
Alles Wieder Offen

Einstürzende Neubauten


By 2007, Einstürzende Neubauten had fundamentally shifted the way they worked within – or outside of – the music industry. Self-sufficiency was now their modus operandi, supported directly by fans, who became subscribers, and were welcomed into Neubauten’s inner sanctum, with access to footage of recording sessions and the capacity to respond and critique material in development. Out of this came Alles Wieder Offen (Everything Open Again), one of Neubauten’s most focused albums. There’s only one new instrument here (a box of aluminium sticks) – but in the place of innovation comes a certain confidence and assuredness. The rhythmic propulsion of “Let’s Do It a Dada” and the Faust-esque piano clang of “Die Wellen” are urgent as ever, but perhaps the revelation here is the group’s comfort in subtlety – “Nagorny Karabach” is one of their loveliest melodies. “Susej” draws from the archives, bringing a 1982 ‘cellar guitar’ recording into the now, for one of the album’s most compelling, intimate performances.

Jon Dale

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