Ambient 1: Music for Airports album cover
Ambient 1: Music for Airports

Brian Eno

Composed by:  Brian Eno , Rhett Davies , Robert Wyatt


Fun fact one: I can’t listen to this without dissolving. It got me through one breakup and one death, and it has never failed me yet. Fun fact two: the album that brought the word “ambient” into wide use is built on a sturdy, very noticeable melody, which happens to be very slow. Or, more precisely, “1/1,” the opening track, is built on that kind of melody. The other three tracks rely on clouds of wordless singing, combined with piano and synth. These do, in fact, align with what Spotify is telling you ambient sounds like. 1978! Your boy simply went the fuck off and changed how music works.

Sasha Frere-Jones

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