Beautiful Thugger Girls album cover
Beautiful Thugger Girls

Young Thug

300 Entertainment

It’s a bit distracting to look at the guitar and think “Ah, like Lil Wayne’s rock album” or something like that. Jeffrey Williams is more like Burna Boy or Shakira than he is like most American rappers. He has a very specific worldview, and an idea of how to make melodic fragments and tell his stories. He prefers yachts to jet skis, but of course he does—he’s Mr. Sex! His world has some decision-making demands and yet he  is “cheaper than Dollar Tree”! He will break into song at any moment and that’s the most Thuggish thing about him. There is very little difference between thinking and talking and singing and rapping in Jeffrey’s world and it gets better the longer you stay in there with him.

Sasha Frere-Jones

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