Boutiq Electroniq


Alai K (aka Disco Vumbi) started out as a member of legendary group Ukoo Flani, but his musical interests extend far beyond hip-hop, having most recently combined techno and Kenyan polyrhythms on 2022’s Kila Mara. Alai honed his production skills at Nyege Nyege’s residency space and it was here that he teamed up with Nilotika Drum Ensemble and Ugandan multi instrumentalist Martin Juicy Fonkodi on his Boutiq Electronic EP, which brings together the sounds of the Kenyan coast — most clear here in the looping benga of “Disco Boutiq” — with his electronic chops and Ugandan traditional instrumentation, like the rhythmic force of Nilotika’s Bugandan drums or Fokodi’s rigi rigi.

Megan Iacobini de Fazio