Callin For Reinforcements album cover
Callin For Reinforcements

Various Artists

Reinforced Records

This 1992 Reinforced label compilation was, and remains, one of the best illustrations of the swirling hotpot of influences — bleep techno, hip hop, house, dub reggae, dancehall and more — that combined in hardcore rave at the time. It also serves as a showcase for the early work of Marc Mac and Dego, as between Manix (Marc), Tek 9 (Dego) and 4Hero (both of them), plus their work in Rufige Kru with Goldie, they make up well over half the album. It is very definitely of its time, with little of the finesse that would come when these influences sped up and coalesced into jungle and drum’n’bass — but it makes up for that in giddy variety and sense of raw invention using minimal technology. And tracks like 4Hero’s “Mr Kirk’s Nightmare” and “Cooking up ya Brain” and Manix’s piano anthem “Feel Real Good” will still send a dancefloor wild, 30 years on.

Joe Muggs

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