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Confident Music for Confident People

Confidence Man


As a live act, Brisbane’s Confidence Man were certainly an arresting prospect when they first emerged in 2017. Twin front-persons Sugar Bones and Janet Planet (aka Grace Stephenson and Aidan Moore) spent almost as much time breakdancing through impressively choreographed routines as they did delivering the outfit’s Day-Glo house pop, flanked by two DJs/producers dressed head-to-toe in black, their faces covered by veils. The challenge when it came to their debut was to maintain that level of hi-NRG entertainment without the visual stimuli, something Confident Music For Confident People more than delivered. Stephenson’s bratty party girl persona could have easily grated over eleven tracks, but instead the pounding squelch and Technicolor throb of tracks like the Tom-Tom Club-like “My Boyfriend,” “Out The Window”’s Screamadelic wash and “C.O.O.L Party,” in which they channeled the spirit of ‘90s one-hit wonders Deee-Lite, proved irresistible.

Chris Catchpole

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