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Hydra Head Records

This impossibly heavy album is the result of a collaboration between Aaron Turner of ISIS and Justin Broadrick of Godflesh and Jesu, plus Dave Cochrane of God and Head of David, and Diarmuid Dalton of Jesu, on basses and electronics. Imagine the most hellishly noisy, feedback-slathered version possible of Godflesh, Ice (Broadrick and Kevin Martin’s sludge-dub project), and very early ISIS. The songs, such as they are, take a simple bass line, double it, and pound it into your skull like a pile-driver, as layers of shrill, sonar-like feedback, squelching synth tones, and the occasional postpunk guitar melody fill every inch of the sonic field. When there are vocals, they’re so distorted and buried in the mix that they’re totally indecipherable. The band might be called Greymachine, but their music lives in the red.

Phil Freeman

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