Distant Station album cover
Distant Station

Flying Saucer Attack , Tele:Funken

Drag City

“Achtung! Diese platte ist Moog-frei!” proclaims a note on the sleeve of Distant Station. Well, okay, then – it’s hard not to read that as a quip, or a sneer, at the expense of the then-burgeoning interest in Krautrock and Kosmische music. Given Flying Saucer Attack had built part of a ‘career’ out of songs called “Popol Vuh,” maybe it was a bit of a mea culpa. But Distant Station is more of a Tele:Funken album, anyway, constructed from FSA samples. It’s different to Tele:Funken’s own productions, which were closer to the indie-tronica of the mid-‘90s, but it’s still a lovely thing, a slowly cresting wave of dense texture as thick and thorny as the forest on the cover, with FSA a ghost on their own album. If you like the drony interludes on FSA albums, and wish they had dispensed with the pop songs, this is the one for you.

Jon Dale

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