Have Love Will Travel cover

Have Love Will Travel


Although they were pictured holding guitars and drums on their album covers, Thee Headcoatees were, like the Delmonas before them, a four-woman group who did backing vocals on Headcoats albums and soon began releasing albums under their own name, performing songs by Billy Childish and well-chosen covers, with Thee Headcoats as their backing band. Each member sang lead on one or two songs on this, their second album, with the others backing her up. The original material on this record has a somewhat angrier, more ominous edge than that of the Delmonas; “You Know You Can’t Resist” is a manifesto of female sexual power delivered with total confidence and swagger by Holly Golightly (who also sings the blues classic “Big Boss Man” here), while “Don’t Try And Tell Me” is a stomping garage-rock anthem of jilted rage, delivered by Ludella Black (“Don’t try and tell me I didn’t see what I just saw/Don’t try and tell me lies like a thousand times before…Don’t try and tell me I’ve got it all wrong”).

Phil Freeman