Hochono House album cover
Hochono House

Haruomi Hosono


Self-reflection is a rewarding exercise at every stage of your life; looking back at all your twists and turns can be a healthy remedy for feeling stuck. Legendary producer and multi-instrumentalist Haruomi Hosono has done it all (including helping to define the language of electronic music with Yellow Magic Orchestra), but rarely retreads a style of music after he’s put it on the shelf. Hochono House is a striking moment for bucking this trend, revisiting the songs of his debut album Hosono House a staggering 46 years later. It’s a life-spanning show-and-tell, transforming the music of his long-haired rocker beginnings with the subtle polish of an elder statesman that’s learned more than a few tricks. This late in his career, it’s surprisingly one of his best albums—a triumphant return home.

Shy Thompson

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