In for a Penny, In for a Pound album cover
In for a Penny, In for a Pound

Henry Threadgill


This double LP won Henry Threadgill the Pulitzer Prize. It features his long-running band Zooid: guitarist Liberty Ellman, José Davila on trombone and tuba, Chris Hoffman on cello and violin, and Elliot Humberto Kavee on percussion. Threadgill himself plays flute, bass flute, and alto sax, and wrote all the compositions, which function as a series of showcases for the other members, each running 15-20 minutes. “Ceroepic” spotlights Kavee, “Dosepic” Hoffman, “Tresepic” Davila and “Unoepic” Ellman, though of course they start out as gently shifting, subtly swinging ensemble performances, and mostly stay that way — “Ceroepic,” for example, isn’t a drum solo. Even when Kavee is mostly on his own, it’s a kind of orchestral percussion piece, with the other instruments offering commentary throughout.

Phil Freeman

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