I've Got My Own Album To Do


The title and deliberate misspelling of his name on the sleeve betray Ronnie Wood’s self-deprecating sense of humour, but his solo debut shows that as a songwriter and musician he was far more gifted than his amiable on-stage bonhomie let on. A-List pals George Harrison, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards (plus the guitarist he was about to replace in The Rolling Stones, Mick Taylor) all make an appearance on I’ve Got My Own Album To Do, but the winning spirit and ragged charm is all Wood’s. Far East Man and Mystifies Me sigh and shimmer like the best of The Faces’ ballads, while the giddy rush of opener I Can Feel The Fire, featuring future paymasters Mick and Keith among some surprisingly apposite steel drums, is the great Stones track that never was. If his Dylan-like voice was a little stronger, Wood might not have even needed to take their call.

Chris Catchpole