Late for an Early Grave album cover
Late for an Early Grave

Victor Griffin

Outlaw Recordings

Guitarist Victor Griffin got his start in Tennessee, forming the band Death Row, who changed their name to Pentagram once they moved to Washington, DC and found singer Bobby Liebling. He’s also led the Christian-themed doom band Place Of Skulls, which for a time also included Scott “Wino” Weinrich. Late For An Early Grave is a collection of demos, cover songs and castoff tracks recorded with unknown personnel; Griffin’s guitar frequently has a scooped-out, distorted roar here that may remind some of Chris Holmes’ work with W.A.S.P., but his soloing is uniquely his own and his vocals have an infectious earnestness. You get demo versions of Pentagram songs like “Wolf’s Blood” and “Vampyre Love,” but the real gems are the title track and a medley that combines Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher” and Motörhead’s “Iron Horse.”

Phil Freeman

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