Louder Than Hell album cover
Louder Than Hell


Geffen Records

Manowar’s eighth album doesn’t have any metal-rules lyrics as classic as “Metal Warriors” from its predecessor, 1991’s The Triumph Of Steel (“Heavy metal/Or no metal at all/Wimps and posers/Leave the hall”), but it does kick off with another of their biker anthems, “Return Of The Warlord,” which is likely a sequel to “Wheels of Fire” from 1987’s Kings Of Metal, though the biker life is a lyrical theme that goes all the way back to “Death Tone,” the first track on their debut album, 1981’s Battle Hymns. As there, the lyrics portray someone completely and proudly outside of mainstream society — the intended romanticism gets dark pretty fast, as Eric Adams shrieks about being broke and on the brink of homelessness, but he’s got his bike, so he’s fine.

Phil Freeman

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