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Le Kov


Former member of Brighton-based ‘60s girl group revivalists The Pipettes, Gwenno Saunders moved the dial considerably on her 2015 debut Y Dydd Olaf, a spacey blend of sci-fi krautrock sung in her native Welsh. For the follow-up, Saunders switched languages to Cornish (another dialect she’s fluent in) and ventured further out into the psych-pop hinterlands. The most recent UK census put the number of Cornish speakers at just 563, but you don’t need to understand what Saunders is saying to fall under Le Kov’s spell. The likes of “Tir Ha Mor”’s baroque, Broadcast-like psychedelia, the sparkling motoric pop of “Eus Keus?” and “Aremorika”’s dreamlike visions find space not only between locales, but worlds.

Chris Catchpole

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