Lillie: F-65


On 2012’s Lillie: F-65 (the product number for the prescription downer Tuinal, haw haw), vocalist Scott “Wino” Weinrich returned after more than two decades away; his last appearance with the group had been on 1990’s V. The band also had a new drummer — founding member Armando Acosta died in 2010, and guitarist Dave Chandler and bassist Mark Adams recruited Henry Vasquez, formerly of Sourvein, to replace him. Although Weinrich only actually plays guitar on one track, the short instrumental “Vertigo,” some of the riffs feel more like the product of his bands the Obsessed and Spirit Caravan. Chandler’s guitar solos are as warped and discordant as ever, though. At just seven tracks in 33 minutes, two of them instrumentals, this may feel a little slight, but it’s good to have the old gang back together.

Phil Freeman

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