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Aho Ssan , KMRU


KMRU’s continuing exploration of reflective ambient space and sound remained top notch on 2023’s glim, one of the artist’s most subtly varied releases yet. With mastering provided by fellow traveller Simon Scott, the twelve piece collection showcases KMRU’s approach around shorter pieces for the most part, with many only just breaking the three minute mark if not four. The expected combination of cryptic field recordings and serene drones can be found but so can crackling disruption on “strain” and the calmest sense of melody on the striking “orna.”

Ned Raggett

A brilliant and boisterous bit of haze and bass. I know KMRU (Joseph Kamaru, sometimes in Kenya) but am not as familiar with Aho Ssan (Niamké Désiré, based in Paris). This is a truly gorgeous blast of grey, gritty air, full of digital flake and low-end spillage. There is a lunatic soundtrack feel to this, like early Haxan Cloak and other Tri Angle artists that had a light hand with the dark stuff.

Sasha Frere-Jones

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