Lindstrom & Prins Thomas


If you ever want to demonstrate how a sound can be intrinsically genial, play this album. Every castanet, every glockenspiel, every last analogue synth arpeggio: they all radiate warmth, friendliness, good times. The core sound is the European synth disco of Giorgio Moroder and Cerrone, slowed right down, laced with cosmic rock and NYC post-punk (there are large sections that could be Talking Heads instrumental dubs circa Remain in Light, or a looser, lighter ESG) and allowed to unfold at is own pace. Everything about the record is generous, from the lush production to the song and album length. The Norwegian disco of the 2000s and onwards is rife with great talent (see also Todd Terje, Bjørn Torske, Mental Overdrive, Mungolian Jet Set, diskJokke), but this is the motherlode, the perfect place to start, and to wallow in abundant good vibrations.

Joe Muggs

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