Effigy of the Forgotten


Suffocation were best appreciated live, where you could watch vocalist Frank Mullen make wild jazz-hands gesticulations as he sprinted across the stage from left to right, emitting his lyrics in gastric eruptions. But Effigy Of The Forgotten, their 1991 full-length debut, is still a powerhouse death metal album, its buzzy, chugging, unexpectedly intricate riffs seeming to emanate from New York’s darkest sewer tunnels. Guitar and bass are virtually indistinguishable, a wall of distortion, until Terrance Hobbs emits a squealing, shredding solo. Meanwhile, Mike Smith’s drums are given unusual prominence in the mix, his bass and toms permitted to boom properly rather than ticking like typewriter keys. Special note for fanatics: that’s future Cannibal Corpse vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher delivering background vocals on “Reincremation” and “Mass Obliteration.”

Phil Freeman