O  Grande Encontro cover

Originally a show project  aimed at spreading the best of traditional and contemporary Northeastern music across stages in Brazil, “O Grande Encontro” ended up developing into a trilogy of live albums that became a benchmark in the Brazilian music scene. Opening the trilogy (and the only album with the participation of Alceu Valença), “O Grande Encontro” compiles iconic compositions by the male trio and the scorching interpretation of Elba Ramalho. It also pays tribute to other Northeastern musicians — such as the giant Luiz Gonzaga on the opening track “Sabiá,” and Vital Farias in the delicate “Veja.” One of the most contagious moments of the album is “Pelas Ruas Que Andei,” which perfectly captures the synergy between artist and audience. “Talismã” slows the pace and presents a touching vocal duo by Azevedo and Valença. “Admirável Gado Novo,” a strong metaphor for political consciousness and the people’s emancipation, also stands out. While Northeastern music is the essence of this album, there is also space for blues (“Jacarepaguá Blues”) and even a Portuguese version of Bob Dylan’s “Tomorrow is a Long Time” (“Pelas Ruas Onde Andei”). The album closes with “Banho de Cheiro/Frevo Mulher”, a danceable Pout-Pourri of frevo music.

Beatriz Miranda

Canta Canta, Minha Gente cover

Canta Canta, Minha Gente

Mart'nália, Martinho da Vila
Cantoria 1 cover

Cantoria 1

Geraldo Azevedo, Vital Farias, Elomar, Xangai
Raízes E Frutos cover

Raízes E Frutos

Geraldo Azevedo
Feijão com Arroz cover

Feijão com Arroz

Daniela Mercury
Festa de Adeus cover

Festa de Adeus

Julio Secchin
Elza Soares & João de Aquino cover

Elza Soares & João de Aquino

Elza Soares, João de Aquino
Tribalistas cover


Canto Geral cover

Canto Geral

Geraldo Vandré