Palmbomen II cover

Palmbomen II


Kai Hugo said he conceptualised this alias, and album, while watching X-Files in his mother’s attic in Amsterdam in the early 2010s… and it sounds like it. Everything here is eerie and wrong, it’s acid house and 80s soul/pop viewed through the wrong end of a dirty telescope, hazy memories of being a 90s teenager dreaming of aliens and raves. It came right in the middle of an explosion of “outsider house” where dozens of people were making a name with detuned synths, cassette hiss and retro weirdness – but it stands absolutely alone among the generic, thanks in part to a natural facility for spooky melody, but also because it’s not just about signifiers, it’s genuinely very weird and emotional.

Joe Muggs

Back To Prison cover

Back To Prison

Bang the Party
Blissed Out cover

Blissed Out

The Beloved
Newbuild cover


808 State
The Pulse EPs cover

The Pulse EPs

Various Artists, The Future Sound of London
As Is cover

As Is

Michael J. Blood
Horizogon cover


Babe, Terror
Acid Tablets Volume One cover

Acid Tablets Volume One

Jack The Tab, Psychic TV
Josey in Space cover

Josey in Space

Josey Rebelle