Pieces cover

The debut album from Detroit’s Marcellus Pittman is a selection of his tracks from the second half of the 2010s, previously only available on vinyl via his Unirhythm label. Pittman’s is one of the forward-facing house producers to come out of Detroit, and the tracks here are full of awkward rhythms, slightly off-balance quantisation, and moments of sonic trickery and audio experimentation where glitches in the audio buckle before locking back in. It’s brooding, glowing deep house where emotion is gently elicited via late-night chords, vinyl crackle and bittersweet melody, but it comes coated in a smooth techno sheen of space-age detachment and a distilled, rarefied synth sound, as though robots were somehow involved in the programming. File under sensuous mesmerising abstract android tech soul.

Harold Heath