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While BEAK> brought out the dubby side of Geoff Barrow, his longtime immersion in hip-hop-influenced production would also drive him to put out an absolute inspiration-hemorrhage of a record. Created alongside veteran producer Katalyst and Portishead’s Third engineer Stuart “7stu7” Matthews, Quakers is more exhaustive than exhausting, with only a couple of its 41 (!) tracks itching the skip-button finger and many, many more of them proving to be psych-rock-b-boy bangers begging for a volume crank. The Radiohead-gone-"Tusk” marching band clobber of “Fitta Happier,” featuring Stones Throw mainstays Guilty Simpson and M.E.D., is only the most immediate thrill; further features from Estee Nack (“Lost and Found”), Dead Prez (“Soul Power”), and Organized Konfusion’s Prince Po (“Rock My Soul”) burrow in heavy, too.

Nate Patrin

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