Qualia album cover

Andrew Weatherall

Höga Nord Rekords

The core quality of Andrew Weatherall’s work is that he made profundity inseparable from FUN. It was there in his description of the club experience as both a transcendent collective gnostic ritual and “just a fucking disco.” And it’s here in his last solo album, from 2017. QUALIA is almost all instrumental, rooted in Weatherall’s beloved post-punk (most conspicuously The Cure circa Seventeen Seconds) and Krautrock, all hypnotic repetition and gloomy twangs. But from the repetition of a sonorous “HELLO!” through opening track “Evidence the Enemy” through untold outright silly boinging dub echoes and synth wobbles, there is endless playfulness, tomfoolery and hilarious mischief.

Joe Muggs

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