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Rooting for Love


Working again with regular stalwarts of her solo career like Xavi Muñoz and Emmanuel Mario among others, as well as a new production/arrangement collaboration with Hannes Plattmeier, Laetitia Sadier created another lovely, quietly forceful effort with 2024’s Rooting For Love, one of the easiest listening meditations on the troubled state of the world as one might encounter. Then again Sadier has never been one to hold back on envisioning better futures in the context of her kaleidoscopic stylistic blend, extending the dream of a Anglo/French meta-late 60s pop universe further forward. A song like “Protéïformunité” can have sudden frenetic breaks, and “The Inner Smile” and “Une Autre Attente” a brisker punch. Yet the vibe of Rooting For Love comes down to gently elegant energy on songs like the steady build of “New Moon” and the beatbox-into-shimmering groove of “Don’t Forget You’re Mine.” Whether it’s the tinges of strings and horns on “Panser L’inacceptable” or the varying backing or guest vocal turns or just the general sense of an elegant, better world in general, it’s another striking effort from Sadier.

Ned Raggett

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