Selectah, Vol.1


If you want a record that encapsulates the intergenerational celebration of UK bass culture, this is it. Though Dave Jones had made several albums before this as Zed Bias, Maddslinky and Phuturistix, perhaps surprisingly it’s his first album in the style he made his name in 20 years previously: UK garage. In it, he has guest co production from fellow house / garage OGs Wookie and Atjazz, MCs Juiceman from the original UKG generation and Manchester jungle veteran Trigga. But there’s also stars from the grime generation (a hilariously rowdy Discarda) and others like Manchester R&B singer [ K S R ] who weren’t even born when UKG’s shuffle and boom first came into focus. The cascade of voices and influences (soul, bashment, UK hip hop, grime etc) feels like being onstage with a huge crew at the most rambunctiously fun street party.

Joe Muggs