Soda Pop * Rip Off album cover
Soda Pop * Rip Off

Slant 6

Dischord Records

Dischord bands cited their sources from the beginning — see the Teen Idles cover of the Stooges “No Fun” or S.O.A. and Minor Threat’s respective takes on rock standard “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone.” But Soda Pop * Rip Off, the debut from Christina Billotte’s post-Autoclave outfit Slant 6, went even further in flaunting a love of vintage sounds, while still reflecting the urgency of the moment. It’s an album packed with straight-to-the-point anthems that united the drive of ‘60s garage rock with the defiance of ‘90s feminist punk. “Come on, say something!” Billotte shouts before she, bassist Myra Power and drummer Marge Marshall tear into the monster chorus of opener “Don’t You Ever.” “Time Expired” is another catchy, confrontational burner that finds Billotte railing against a wannabe tough guy, while “Double Edged Knife” slows the tempo slightly to make room for some intricate Autoclave-style guitar filigree. The album has its experimental tinges (see punk-jazz instrumental “March 6”) and reflective moments (the wounded, wrenching “Become Your Ghost”) but overall it’s one of the most rousing, crank-it-up entries in the Dischord catalog. As Billotte later recalled, before recording the LP, she told producer Ian MacKaye, “I want to make a record like this Kinks record! Every single song is good!” And so it was.

Hank Shteamer

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