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The 5 EPs


This reviewer can’t hide the fact that he was the original compiler of this album as a tradeable CDR, but that makes the eventual formal release of this collection all the more remarkable. Showcasing, indeed, 5 EP releases between 1992 and 1994, this collection shows the English trio shifting from reverently moody post-punk to kaleidoscopic explorations caused by incorporating triggered samples with their guitar/bass/drums setup. Songs like “The Last Dance,” “Second Language” and “Love Stepping Out” remain breathtaking.

Ned Raggett

Essex trio Disco Inferno were responsible for some of the most forward-thinking music of the early ‘90s, as influenced by Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine as they were Public Enemy and A.R Kane. First released in 2011 on One Little Indian, The 5 EPs collected together the extended plays the band put out between 1992 and 1994. Moving from the blissful, pastoral electronica of “Love Stepping Out” through the liquid dance pop of “The Last Dance” to ironically titled cut-and-paste soundstorm “D.I Go Pop” and Iggy Pop-sampling carnival cacophony of “It’s A Kid’s World,” it’s an astonishingly broad collection and still sounds like no other band before or since.

Chris Catchpole

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