The Godson & Soul Edge


Released in 2010, this is a compilation of Detroit house from 96-99 from influential Detroit producer remixer and DJ Rick Wilhite, with the inclusion of remixes from fellow Detroit housers Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Sherard Ingram under his Urban Tribe guise. It’s that mid-90s thick, heavy, gritty, dusty, narcotic strand of Detroit house, that comes with an edginess, the rough edges of old soul, disco and R’n’B samples rubbing up against each other, the deliberate key clashes of completing audio snippets ignored, celebrated even. The audio is fuzzy and smeared and the grooves have a psychedelic air, a twistedness to the disco re-workings, as though they’re somehow imbued with some of the infamous Detroit post-industrial melancholy, even as they sparkle with disco delight.

Harold Heath