The North Borders Tour. — Live. cover

The North Borders Tour. — Live.


This collection, taken from various live performances on Bonobo’s 2014 tour, includes tracks from his Days to Come and Black Sands albums as well as The North Borders, and features a twelve-piece band wth vocalists Szjerdene and Andreya Triana. The Bonobo source material, his already pretty rich and ornate club-derived jazz, broken folk and electronic-soul, benefits from this live reinterpretation: the epic rise and fall of his arrangements is well suited to a band setting and these recordings are full of the subtle variations in volume, tone and tempo and off-the-cuff improvised licks that can only come from this kind of live interaction of musicians. The inclusion of the audience noise also places the music in very specific spaces — large auditoriums and venues — giving it a kind of epic, wide-screen framing that feels very appropriate. 

Harold Heath

Mess cover


Fila Brazillia
I’m Thankful cover

I’m Thankful

Spanky Wilson, The Quantic Soul Orchestra
Sweet Jesus cover

Sweet Jesus

Steve Cobby
Synthwaves cover


Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss
Playing Life cover

Playing Life

Ferdi Schuster, Ferdi Schuster
DJ-Kicks cover


Andrés cover


Robe of Dreams cover

Robe of Dreams

Kirk DeGiorgio
Rude System cover

Rude System

Ballistic Brothers