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The White House


The Dead C were on a particularly winning streak across the early to mid 1990s, releasing one of their key albums, Harsh ‘70s Reality, earlier in the decade, and then enacting a transformation in their approach on albums like Operation of the Sonne. White House sits neatly alongside its peers – there are woozy, vertigo-inducing jams like “The New Snow;” bonked electronic explorations like “Voodoo Spell;” and, in “Bitcher,” one of the last great Dead C rock songs, with a riff that goes on into eternity while phasing out, psychedelically. But the closing “Outside” is the key to White House, a stately, brief song by Michael Morley that’s then completely dissembled over fifteen minutes in one of The Dead C’s most bravura improvised performances. Telepathy never felt so giddily confusing.

Jon Dale

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