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With the band’s creative core now fully centered on Sascha K and En Esch following Raymond Watts’s departure, KMFDM closed out their 1980s with the strong UAIOE, at once more focused on its shuddering blend of sampling, industrial-strength beats and generally dark atmosphere while able to explore even more styles via guest turns like Morgan Adjei’s deliberate flow on songs like “Murder.” But it’s the sharp sloganeering-party-amid-the-chaos numbers like the knowingly hilarious “More and Faster,” “Thrash Up!” and the title track that hit the biggest.

Ned Raggett

Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby cover

Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby

Girls Against Boys
Devil’s Road cover

Devil’s Road

The Walkabouts
You’d Prefer an Astronaut cover

You’d Prefer an Astronaut

Violent Silence/Flesh Volcano cover

Violent Silence/Flesh Volcano

Marc Almond, Foetus
The Slip cover

The Slip

Nine Inch Nails
Why Call It Anything cover

Why Call It Anything

The Chameleons
Cascade cover


Peter Murphy
What Does Anything Mean? Basically cover

What Does Anything Mean? Basically

The Chameleons
Tanith And The Lion Tree cover

Tanith And The Lion Tree

Edward Ka-Spel
Rownderbowt cover


New West Motel cover

New West Motel

The Walkabouts
Complete ‘B’ Sides cover

Complete ‘B’ Sides