Viable Systems cover

Viable Systems


The title’s the giveaway – with Viable Systems, Berry inaugurated a series of releases based on generative music, where Berry sets a process / system in motion and lets it do the work of composition. So far, so Eno, and yet that comparison significantly undersells what Berry achieves here. Sure, there’s a similar embrace of ambience, of music as a tint in the air, a perfume or flavour, but Berry’s systems lend themselves towards something both slightly more active – comparatively speaking – and more miniaturised; most all of these pieces drift in and out of view within four to eight minutes; they set up a mood, tease out some implications of that mood, and slip out of earshot before you get tired of their presence. Tonally, it’s all tactile electronics – buzzing bells, notes that crack and descend like stalactites, whispers and tranquilities that are churchy and reflective.

Jon Dale

Clean cover


Severed Heads
K-Group cover


Last Glass cover

Last Glass

Kim Pieters, Peter Stapleton, Bruce Russell
Significant Soil cover

Significant Soil

Mister Water Wet
New Lands cover

New Lands

Flying Saucer Attack
Ghosts On Water cover

Ghosts On Water

Ghosts on Water, Andrew Chalk, Naoko Suzuki, Daisuke Suzuki
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The Dead C
New Emptiness cover

New Emptiness

Richard Youngs
The Voice of Silence cover

The Voice of Silence

Peter Michael Hamel