Anachronistic album cover

Sonar Circle , Tek 9

Ako Beatz

Tek 9 is Dego from 4Hero - originally his solo guise for rave and jungle, in the late 90s it took a turn to downtempo / trip hop beats. Sonar Circle is Dominic “Domu” Stanton, a mainstay of 4Hero’s Reinforced label and the London broken beat scene. Stuck in their respective homes during the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020, while others made introspective “lockdown ambient” they went the other way and revisited their rave roots with some hyperspeed excursions. But there’s nothing retro about this - though “Anachronistic” is often wrongly used to mean old-fashioned, the word really means “out of time”. This is rave music for the age of Sherelle, not for the 90s: it uses jungle’s complex breakbeats as its starting point but uses the crispest digital production and brings in Chicagoan footworking, zippy techno keeping it living and vivid the whole way through.

Joe Muggs

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