Another Evening At Logos 1974 79 81 album cover
Another Evening At Logos 1974 79 81

Max Eastley , Derek Bailey , Logos Ensemble , Feminist Improvising Group , COUM Transmissions

1974 - 1981
Logos (2)

While the entirety of this four-sided set is worth hearing, Another Evening At Logos is here, primarily, for being one of the only available documents of the brilliant Feminist Improvising Group (FIG), who were formed by Lindsay Cooper and Maggie Nicholes in 1977, and featured among their line-up such deeply inspiring figures as Irene Schweizer and Georgie Born. Tbe performance here was recorded at the IXth International Multi Media Festival in 1979, and has FIG at a particularly inspiring juncture, with multiple vocal improvisations weaving around each other as instruments careen and crash in spirited, playful ways. There’s a full-length cassette, too, which you can hear on YouTube, along with some other live recordings, but this is a great half-hour performance to get things started.

Jon Dale

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