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Musikautomatika were a Venezuelan trio who existed across the late seventies and eighties. Their three members all came from divergent fields – biologist Luis Levin, graphic designer Alvise Sachi, sound engineer Stefano Grammito, artist Gabriela Gamboa – but what they achieved with this intersection of early electronics, musical instruments, and everyday objects was fascinating. It feels like most everything here gets processed – mulched, at times – into hypnotic waves of electronic disturbance, and there’s a dizzying array of textures here that are smartly stacked into abstract sculptures. It’s a very artful take on collective / electro-acoustic improvisation that still leaves plenty of room for unexpected developments.

Jon Dale

O cover


August 1974 cover

August 1974

Taj Mahal Travellers
1967/68 cover


The Art Ensemble
Souvenir de Mauve cover

Souvenir de Mauve

Maher Shalal Hash Baz
In Search of Spaces cover

In Search of Spaces

Flying Saucer Attack
Programm 1 cover

Programm 1

Din A Testbild
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Fiesta en el Vacío