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Church of Anthrax


An absolute beast of an album. The title track is sort of a jazz funk vamp that is elevated by Cale and Riley being the only musicians, aside from drummer Davdi Rosenboom (who has gone on to have a solid career in electronic music, and is still working). “The Hall of Mirrors In The Palace at Versailles” is closer to whatever “minimalism” you think these two would make, though it’s looser and juicier than that. “The Soul of Patrick Lee” sounds a lot like the “Starless” version of King Crimson, and is out of place even though I love it, and “Ides of March” is exactly like the Peanuts theme if James Gadson and John Cage covered it: amazing breakbeat classic. “The Protege” is like a lost cop show theme. What a totally delightful album.

Sasha Frere-Jones

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