Cluster II


Even though he is no longer considered a part of the group by the time of this album, Conny Plank is listed and credited as composer and producer. We still can’t call this a synth album because Roedelius and Moebius are using a variety of electronic tools, and they don’t often let arpeggiators and sequencers do their thing. They lay hands on keyboards and guitars and knobs and stick with the music. A masterful sense of space and silence blooms on this album. Some of this is just Moebius tapping on a guitar and sending it through echo but he is able to make the result feel like ice dripping in a harboring cave. Some of the sounds here are so doomy, like bits of Sabbath hacked up and run through a small oven. The organ! Cluster II feels simultaneously ancient and modern, even in 2022. Moebius is so crisp with his little guitar figures! A rich socket of sound.

Sasha Frere-Jones

Flammende Herzen cover

Flammende Herzen

Michael Rother
Seven Up cover

Seven Up

Timothy Leary, Ash Ra Tempel
Frozen Geometry cover

Frozen Geometry

Casino Versus Japan
Recordings From the Åland Islands cover

Recordings From the Åland Islands

Jeremiah Chiu, Marta Sofia Honer
Vlsi cover


Mysterious Traveller cover

Mysterious Traveller

System 7, Derrick May
Dead Vent 7 cover

Dead Vent 7

Single Cell Orchestra
Hubris cover


Oren Ambarchi
Ballads cover


Time is Away