Codename: Dustsucker cover

Codename: Dustsucker


After pursuing musical efforts as Boymerang for nearly a decade, Graham Sutton reactivated Bark Psychosis for a second and so far only other full-length in 2004 with the entrancing Codename: Dustsucker, both a continuation of the striking beauty and drama of Hex and a new, remarkable effort entirely. With collaborators of note such as Talk Talk veteran Lee Harris on drums, Sutton’s explorations of sonic texture, touching on everything from sculpted feedback to sax-led grooves and late night elegance, remain anchored by his careful, deliberate singing.

Ned Raggett

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Hunky Dory

David Bowie
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Adam and Eve

Catherine Wheel
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Holy Prana Open Game

Natalie Rose LeBrecht
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Dead Sea Apes
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Empty Homes

Loud As Giants
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Prince Charming

Adam and the Ants
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Hotel Neon

Hotel Neon