Discothèque 76 cover

Discothèque 76


Sylophone was a government run record label in Guinea until the 1970s, and its Discotheque series were a sort of greatest hits compilation series. Five out of six songs on Discotheque 76 are by Bembeya Jazz National, Guinea’s national orchestra known for their modern approach to Manding music. The band featured a Latin-flavored horn section, but the Cuban influences on this record are subtle. Instead, it is Sekou “Diamond Fingers” Diabate virtuoso guitar playing that takes the lead on these extended psychedelic pieces, like on the meandering “Petit Sekou”, an instrumental workout punctuated only by maniacal laughter.

Megan Iacobini de Fazio

You Can Do It cover

You Can Do It

Slim Ali & the Hodi Boys
Hommage a Zanzibar cover

Hommage a Zanzibar

Gibraltar Drakus
Ace cover


Sir Shina Peters
Habibi Funk 021: Free Music (Part 1) cover

Habibi Funk 021: Free Music (Part 1)

The Free Music, Najib Alhoush
Voices of Darkness cover

Voices of Darkness

Voices of Darkness
Stalemate cover


Africa 70, Fela Kuti
Ama Gogela cover

Ama Gogela

Mutuashi cover


Tshala Muana
Oriental Brothers International cover

Oriental Brothers International

Oriental Brothers International
Homowo cover


Basa Basa