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Palaver was originally recorded in 1980 for Tabansi Records while he was on tour in Nigeria with his band, but for reasons unknown it lay gathering dust in Tabansi’s archives for almost forty years. After a string of new releases and compilations, the rediscovery of Palaver is a reminder that Taylor has been consistently exceptional throughout his whole career. The album opener is a delicate, soulful track that sees Taylor criticizing the habit of poking one’s nose into other people’s business (spoiler: turns out though that the person is his father and may have a reason to be nosy) over some mellow guitar picking and signature horn riffs, before a mellifluous flute solo appears halfway through. The album was recorded the same year as “Sweeter Than Honey, Calypso “Mahuno” and High Lifes Celebration,” and you can hear some of those Caribbean rhythms on this record too, superbly blended with highliffe horn riffs, afrobeat rhythms, and  funky basslines.

Megan Iacobini de Fazio

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Sesso Matto

Armando Trovajoli
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Live Without Fear

Infinite Spirit Music
Une Vie Cent Detours cover

Une Vie Cent Detours

Cosmic Analog Ensemble
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Seyhan Karabay
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Jo Tongo

Jo Tongo
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Africa 70, Fela Kuti
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Egypt 80, Fela Kuti
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Ozobia Special

Nkem Njoku & Ozzobia Brothers
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Dr Orlando Owoh And His Young Kenneries Band

Dr. Orlando Owoh & His Young Kenneries Band
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The Brotherhood
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Armenian Pop Music

Hamlet Minassian