Displaced Links album cover
Displaced Links

Kendall Turner Overdrive


If you’re going to name your project after a pun, you may as well make it an obvious one. It’s just about the only thing immediately graspable about Kendall Turner Overdrive, a collaboration, of sorts, by Paul Kendall and Simon Fisher Turner. Built from the raw material Turner used for his 1996 album Shwarma, Kendall took Turner’s rough DATs and constructed them into the series of strangely riveting compositions that make up Displaced Links – released as part of Kendall’s Parallel Series imprint, it fits in with the isolationalist tenor of other releases in the series, while having its own sense of understated playfulness, even when the going gets particularly arcane. There are fleeting relationships with electro-acoustic composition, but that’s balanced with rhythmic propulsion that slots neatly into the post-rock/electronica continuum of its time.

Jon Dale

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