Electrical Storm cover

Electrical Storm


After the Laughing Clowns imploded, for a final time, in Australia, Ed Kuepper “sort of retired”, he once said, though not really: the songs for his debut album, Electrical Storm, were written during that ‘retirement’, while on his honeymoon. It’s an extraordinary collection: trading in the freewheeling possibilities of his prior band Laughing Clowns for a tight three-piece line-up, including Wet Taxis’ Louis Tillett on piano, Kuepper’s songs here are finessed, no unnecessary gestures, and when he does get expansive, as on the title song, the drama is played lightly, the better to allow the nuances in the writing to shine.

Jon Dale

Fallen Camellias cover

Fallen Camellias

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost
Labyrinth cover


The Moffs
Bones + Flowers cover

Bones + Flowers

The Screaming Tribesmen
Stoned & Dethroned cover

Stoned & Dethroned

The Jesus and Mary Chain
Seal Pool Sounds cover

Seal Pool Sounds

Philip Sanderson
Another Pond cover

Another Pond

not drowning, waving
Warm and Cool cover

Warm and Cool

Tom Verlaine