Shining on Graveposts album cover
Shining on Graveposts

Eddie Marcon


Shining On Graveposts compiles the first two EPs by Eddie Marcon, the psych-folk duo of Eddie Corman (ex-Coa) and Jules Marcon. Corman in particular had a background in the noisier end of Japanese psychedelia, through their membership of Coa and involvement with LSD-March, but with Eddie Marcon, she’s writing intimate, spindly songs, variegated and tendrilling out from a core of tenderly clanging guitar and softly thrummed percussion. There’s something in the writing here that suggests bossa nova slowed to a crepuscular pace, crossed with the kind of shadowy acid-folk that the UK specialised in during the seventies: think Bridget St. John, Mellow Candle. It’s lovely stuff, barely raising its voice above a spirited whisper.

Jon Dale

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