FACT’s 30 Greatest Weatherall Remixes album cover
FACT’s 30 Greatest Weatherall Remixes

Andrew Weatherall

Shamelessly putting my own curation work in here – but really, such is the embarrassment of riches in Andrew Weatherall’s remix catalogue alone, that the only way to map it out is to follow your own taste. This was put together in 2014 to mark the launch of the Convenanza festival and spans the previous 25 years of remix work. As with the Heavenly Weatherall Remixes From the Vault compilations, the overwhelming sense that emerges listening through to these in order is of continuity across the decades. Though there’s organic and electronic, goth and psychedelia, soul and techno, and it crosses all kinds of tempos and rhythms, it feels like it’s all part of one grand work.

Joe Muggs

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