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Flies Inside the Sun


On their first album, An Audience Of Others (Including Herself), you could hear Flies Inside The Sun collaborators Kim Pieters (bass, vocals) and Peter Stapleton (drums, radio, lyrics) allowing the last vestiges of song form to fall away from their music; accompanied by fellow group members Brian Crook (guitar) and Danny Butt (guitar, synth, cello), they see-sawed between structure and freedom. With their second, self-titled set, the quartet sound immediately comfortable, in full possession of their faculties, and able to sketch tornados of sound out of the barest of elements – a stray rhythm, a stuttering bass line, Pieters’ hazy vocals – with the simplest brush of noise or flicker of texture sending these six songs spiralling into different realities. At times, it recalls the fragile symmetries of The Raincoats’ Odyshape, or a more languid Ut; at other times, Flies Inside The Sun corral fearsome storms out of their dewy, vaporous surroundings.

Jon Dale

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