Heads and Hearts cover

Heads and Hearts


The Sound’s fourth full-length album was also their first after an early major label stint, but if anything simply continued in the same high quality vein as their remarkable earlier work. Adrian Borland’s at once warm and winning but still calmly commanding air in performance was matched by the rest of the band note for note, and the sense of epic 80s guitar postpunk that wasn’t simply U2 carried over throughout songs like “Whirlpool,” “Total Recall” and “Wildest Dreams.”

Ned Raggett

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The 5 EPs

Disco Inferno
Blow Away Your Troubles cover

Blow Away Your Troubles

Cleaners from Venus
Back Home cover

Back Home

Big Joanie
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Echo & the Bunnymen
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Ready To Fly

The Verlaines
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Vision Thing

The Sisters of Mercy
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The Clean
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Butterfly Child
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Love and Rockets