Kutché cover

Khaled had already become the “King of Raï” with the release of his Hada Raykoum in 1985, which had already moved towards a poppier direction. Kutchè, which he made with Algerian arranger and composer Safy Boutella in France, includes more traditional instruments like the bendir, the tar, the accordion, and the violin, while at the same time embracing an electro-pop sound even further with the addition of a punchy horn section, soaring synthesizers, and drum machine rhythms. “La Camel” (originally by Cheikha Rimitti) is one of the album’s standout tracks, and has become a classic Raï anthem with its funky rhythms and jerky production, with its refrain lurching back and forward as if the record were being spun by an ‘80s hip-hop DJ.

Megan Iacobini de Fazio

Wakafrika cover


Manu Dibango
Pata Pata cover

Pata Pata

Miriam Makeba
You Are Mine cover

You Are Mine

Chaba Fadela
Shaka Bundu cover

Shaka Bundu

Penny Penny
Rai Rebels cover

Rai Rebels

Various Artists
From Nubia to Cairo cover

From Nubia to Cairo

Ali Hassan Kuban
Emotion cover


Papa Wemba
Keep Me in Mind cover

Keep Me in Mind

Miriam Makeba
Tere Liye cover

Tere Liye

Pinky Ann Rihal
Face the Wall cover

Face the Wall

Nass El Ghiwane cover

Nass El Ghiwane

Nass El Ghiwane
Targ cover


Bargou 08